Why Does My Mattress So Hot? Find out the way to cool it instantly!

Going to bed in summer can be an almost distressing affair. When the sheets are sticking to you and sleep is a pipe dream, it sometimes feels like cursing, especially at the thought that we haven’t yet put on air conditioning.

Putting up the air conditioner, with climate change is not really a good thing, at least in global terms, that is, you consume extra electricity that is produced with fossil fuels and thus contribute to global warming.

But there are little tricks by which we can cool our fiery thalamus. Let’s look at them.

Wet the sheet

It might sound like a crazy idea, but wetting a sheet is one of the best “techniques” for cooling a whole room. Just wet and wring out a sheet very well with cold water, after which you hang it in front of a window: this way the air passing through the window through the wet sheet will help cool the whole room!

Another expedient may be to put the sheets in the freezer for fifteen minutes. We take them out just before going to sleep and thus we can sleep nice and cool. Be careful, however, not to get the sheets wet, because then the witch’s stroke is just around the corner.

Cold water inside the bed

Another quite useful technique can be to take advantage of cold water. Simply put a bottle of water in the freezer just before going to bed. Now, we pour it on the mattress and we will stay very fresh! It is clear, however, that you will need to avoid wetting the neck and head area.

The pillow in the refrigerator!

Another idea is to put the pillow in the refrigerator. Just before going to bed, we put it in the refrigerator and then take it out when we go to bed.

Cool wrists and ankles

If it is too hot, a good tactic can be to cool wrists and ankles. Simply, before going to bed, douse those areas with very cold water. Relief should be almost immediate.

Should all these methods prove useless, it may serve to refresh the entire floor with cold water before going to bed. Some people even put the mattress on the floor after doing this, but it is not the most hygienic of options.

Finally, remember that heat always propagates downward, so by placing downward this will reach us more slowly.

In any case, have a good summer everyone!

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